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upgrade to 8.3p1 from 8.23 - oncommand system commander issues




i have just upgraded from 8.23 to 8.3p1


the san is not currently being used to serve any data.


the issue i have, is since the update i cannot access system commander?


i know that this is now built in, and i can acces the login page via a web browser i.e.


https://(cluster ip)/sysmgr/SysMgr.html


when i enter the credentials (as per username used pre update), i get a incorrect credentials message, but im still able to use this username/password via ssh


how do i resolve this? do i need a new user?



Should not need a new user.


What user are you using?


Does that user have ONTAPI/HTTP access via a role?


cluster::> security login show -vserver [cluster name] -user-or-group-name [username]


The user should have the following access:







This method worked! After upgrading from 8.2 to 8.3, I had an issue where OCSM was not working but Putty was working. I went in and did the following:


security login show (Verified that admin did not have http on there under the application column)


then ran the security login create admin[...] to create the http application for admin

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