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Grafana Harvest performance data




In metrics I have TOTAL_OPS and AVG_LATENCY but the other performance metrics have stopped collecting WRITE_OPS, READ_OPS etc.... No errors in the poller logs. Could someone point in in the right direction to verify why we are getting some but not all metrics? This is a clustered env running ontap 8.2.3



Hi @dryan0211,


Harvest [usually] submits counters with the same names as defined in Data ONTAP, and always in lower case.  I think the counters you refer to might be from the 'external data provider' feature of OnCommand Performance Manager (OPM).  By default OPM uses a graphite root of 'netapp-performance' so if those metrics are in that hierarchy it also points to OPM.  I have seen some oddness with some of these specific counters in my lab (also 8.2.3) when using OPM as the datasource and logged bug id 951548 for a fix.  Since OPM is a supported product I would open a support case for the issue and mention that ug id 951548 could be relevant.



Chris Madden

Storage Architect, NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


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