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vFiler Reporting in OCUM


I am trying to create a custom report in OCUM/Ops Manager that reports all volumes on a controller(s) and notates which ones are vfilers.  I can get a report of all volumes that are in vfilers, but it doesn't include volumes in vfiler0...OR...I can get a report of every volume on the controller, but I can't tell if any of them are in a vfiler.  Is there a way to do this in OCUM?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated...thanks!



Re: vFiler Reporting in OCUM


Hi Steve,

         The new BIRT report in the OnCommand Console gives what you are looking for. One thing to note is that, it just the filer/vfiler under the column name Storage Server.

The old reporting infrastructure does not allow to report both filer and vfiler volume in one report.

Attached is the sample output for your reference.

Also pls take a look at this course on how to create and customize BIRT reports.



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Re: vFiler Reporting in OCUM


Thanks Adai - What version of OCUM is this available in - and does this report provide the same details for 7-mode (8.1.2P4).

Re: vFiler Reporting in OCUM


Nevermind - we figured it out - just needed to use the add computed column feature - thanks!

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