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Cannot Change IP Address in Web UI


When attempting to the change the IP address of my OnCommand Balance machine from the Web UI, I get the error message:

  • The character ' . ' is not allowed

The machine already has a static IP.  I can change the entire address or simply change a number in the existing address.  Either way, when I click update, I get the above message.

Any ideas?


Re: Cannot Change IP Address in Web UI


Hi Dennis,

Is it possible for you to post a screenshot so that we understand the issue and help you better.


Re: Cannot Change IP Address in Web UI


Hi Dennis, 

I have seen occasions when the Hostname on the Admin--> Configuration tab in the GUI has a .com  (Eg. or 

Make sure there is no .* in the Hostname field and it is just one word like "balance".   It may be complaining of the extension at the end and not your actual IP address.

best regards,

Don Bourque

Oncommand Insight SE

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