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volHistory tables are not filled anymore, while fine for aggrHistory


Dear all,

this is my first issue I'm highlighting in this forum, so please apologize that I'm a newbie and not - yet! - a Netapp expert.

I'm managing capacity trends and calculate the amount of used space on volume level using volHistoryYearView.volEffectiveDataSpaceUsedSum to avoid the influence of deduplication.

This data is missing for the recent months for some controllers, while the aggregate histories are still filled.

To get the committed space I stay on aggregate level and get fine figures:


select objFullName,SUBSTR(timestamp,1,7) as month,max(ah.dfKBytesTotalCommittedSum/sampleCount) from aggrHistoryYearView ah join dfmgroup.objectView on ah.aggrId=objectView.objId inner join aggregateView a on a.aggrId = ah.aggrId where objFullName like 'MYFILER:MYAggregate' group by objFullName,month,aggrTotalCommittedSpaceKB order by month

objFullName month max(aggrHistoryYear.dfKBytesTotalCommittedSum/aggrHistoryYear.sampleCount)

MYFILER:MYAggregate 2013-12 2956984320

MYFILER:MYAggregate 2014-01 3009413120

MYFILER:MYAggregate 2014-02 3009413120

MYFILER:MYAggregate 2014-03 3009413120

MYFILER:MYAggregate 2014-04 3009413804

MYFILER:MYAggregate 2014-05 3009413120

MYFILER:MYAggregate 2014-06 75591606797

Now I join the volHistoryYearView via aggregateView.aggrId => volumeView.volAggrId, volumeView.volId => volHistoryYearView.volId

And I get only results back until January 2014.

I'm not aware of any issues in January concerning the given controller, other controllers are managed fine, volHistory tables are managed, but for this controller it stopped and I have no idea why.

On DFM page (old style) it also looks strange: there I see the volume history only for the last month.

About DataFabric® Manager server
Version (5.0.2P1)

Can anyone please give me a hint where to start searching for the issue?

     Are there any logs I can analyze?

     Any tests I can run?

     Any ideas how the DFM volume history issue might be linked to the database issue?

Thanks a lot for any hint!