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volume performance




sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this question but im new to this forum.


We have a FAS3240 which is connected to a shelve with 24 disks.

6 disks are configured for aggr0 and 18 are configured for aggr1.


On aggr1 2 volumes are created (NFS1 and NFS2) which are being used by our vmware environment.


total_ops for NFS1 is around 1200. total_ops for NFS2 is around 300.


Due tot performance issues with the virtual machines that are located on NFS1, my service manager wants me to migrate some of the virtual machines from NFS1 to NFS2.

It is his experience that the performance of the virtual machines will increase because the iops of volume NFS1 will decrease.


It is my opinion that the performance of the virtual machines will be the same because both volumes are created on the same aggregate. the total_ops of both volumes will be more balanced.


Does anyone have any experience with this and tell me who is right?


With kind regards,









Hello Ruud,


You are correct, migrating virtual machines between volumes on the same aggregate will not yeild any performance benefit.  There are some cases where it might (using LUNs, where queue depth might be an issue), but this doesn't appear to be one of those.


What type of performance issues?  Are the disks SATA/NL-SAS?  



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