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wfa jboss error



I developed a few workflows in my lab machine and it gives this error. I restarted the server but no effect.

HTTP Status 404 - /wfa/

type Status report

message /wfa/

description The requested resource (/wfa/) is not available.

JBoss Web/7.0.13.Final

Is this a simple fix. I can do a re install but I need those workflows. Where are these workflows stored. Help ?





1. Have you checked that the NetApp WFA Server and Database services running?

2. Did you modify anything with the WFA Server properties? Anything to do with Log on?

3. Try to login to WFA server from the localhost.

Don't worry about your workflows, it can be saved even if you haven't taken a backup.


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Yes checked the services are running.

No modifications done. Infact lab server was shutdown working and rebooted after a month or so.

same error if login from localhost

I did restore a backup and got the workflows.

But how to save even if we dont have a backup.


At the moment if your WFA Server service is not starting due to any reason, WFA hasn't provided the end users with enough mechanism to save their WFA contents. So for now is this happens, I can only ask you to contact the NetApp Support.

But I think there is a valid use-case in it. I'll log an enhancement bug for it. Perhaps it could be available in future.


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Hi Muru:

WFA sends Autosupport requests to Netapp.

If Autosupport is enabled, then every Saturday a backup is send to NetApp Server from the

WFA running at your location, provided your company policy allows that.

If you can send me the customer name and WFA serial number, we can look

in the ASUP DB. We should be able to salvage something.




I am not sure of the jBoss error. Do you have a backup taken ? If so you can reinstall and restore the backup to get your workflows.



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