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where are the pre-7.0 OCUM downloads?


I can't seem to find/mangle the download links to get to any release earlier than 7.0 from the support software download site by either using the specific version link at the bottom of the download page or typing in the version I'm after in the URL.

There has been a few name changes of UM over the years from DFM, but can't seem to find which product name might give me access to the 6.4 software.



Re: where are the pre-7.0 OCUM downloads?


Hi drury,


You are right. I too face the same problem. I observe that only the RC versions of older releases are accessible (from URL like  but the GA and patch links are inaccessible.


You can get in touch with support.



Re: where are the pre-7.0 OCUM downloads?


Support does not distribute binaries for software releases that have reached or exceeded the release's End of Version Support date.


For UM/OPM, see the following CPC:


Re: where are the pre-7.0 OCUM downloads?


How do we successfully upgrade from OCUM 6.3 to 6.4 and then jump to the newer versions?  I want to preserve the data collected in the 6.3 version.  Where is OCUM 6.4 version located?

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