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ACP firmware STILL out of date!!!!

I currently manage a FAS2240-2 and prior to putting this into production I went through and upgraded both controllers to the latest firmware of IOM6E and IOM3.  My current versions as per sysconfig -a of IOM6E are attached.  SO can somebody tell me why Autosupport is still reporting this as being out of date.  I dont like it when risks are shown. 

Cheers fellow Storage Peops.



Re: ACP firmware STILL out of date!!!!

does "storage show acp" show the latest firmware and is the latest firmware in the /etc/acpp_fw directory?  You can run "storage download acp" to push the update from the latest version in acpp_fw.

Re: ACP firmware STILL out of date!!!!

Hello Gavin

I encounter the same problem on a FAS2240-4,

DOT 8.1.2 + all at the last firmware

with IOM6E firmware 121

but Autosupport complained about risk on the shelf firmware

Strange isn't it

Re: ACP firmware STILL out of date!!!!

Hey Ricco,

Got off the phone from Netapp Tech Support today.  They informed me that this is a known issue on the FAS2240-2.  They instructed me that a reboot and a manual "options autosupport.doit test" solves the issue.  I have today after much pain with iSCSI multipathing troubleshooting, rebooted my controllers.  I will check tomorrow and let you know whether this has cleared the messages in autosupport online.


Re: ACP firmware STILL out of date!!!!

Hi Ricco,

Checked my Autosupport and the best practice notification for the ION3 has now dissappeared.  However the IOM6E is still there.  Will be calling them again today.


Re: ACP firmware STILL out of date!!!!


I'm going to test this

Because in fact our FAS2240-4 is in service for 2 months now, and we noticed the autosupport warning warning for 2 weeks

after the warning disappeared ,and it is now back since 3 weeks after a reboot.

So we will try to find a window to make another reboot

Thanks for sharing information

Re: ACP firmware STILL out of date!!!!


ACP firmware on the internal SAS expander IOM6E cannot be updated using the 'storage download acp' command as it is part of the SP. updating SP firmware might help. See this KB for details:

Also, because ACP is used as an alternate path for control commands, not data transfers, it is not a critically-important component. Hence having the firmware a little out of date may not be a major issue.

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Re: ACP firmware STILL out of date!!!!

Thanks for that.  My manager wants it to look ll nice in MyAutosupport so will try and update.  Can you tell me if it would require a reboot of the controllers?  My filer is in production now so cant really have an outage if HA doesnt fail over.


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