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Active IQ at INSIGHT 2020


NetApp INSIGHT 2020 Digital is just a week away! Don’t miss your opportunity to hear from some of the biggest names in cloud as well as other visionary leaders and specialists who can help you re-imagine how your business works.

Along with the astounding lineup of speakers, our Active IQ team will be leading breakout sessions to help you learn more about how you can use Active IQ to improve the health, availability, and security of your NetApp environment. Our focused sessions will show you what’s new and will demonstrate how to optimize your systems with the power of AIOps. Attend one (or more) of these sessions to get all the details:


  • BRK-1324-1: What Is Active IQ Digital Advisor? An overview of what Active IQ Digital Advisor is and why you should be using it. Intended for people who do not use Active IQ often or who are new to NetApp. It will cover how to access it, the main business value, and the key workflows. Learn more.
  • BRK-1372-2: Uncover and Remediate Risks with Active IQ Digital Advisor. A detailed overview of Active IQ, highlighting new features and workflows; focuses on how Active IQ uses AIOps to expose risk factors before they affect your business, provides prescriptive and automated “best next actions” to simplify day-to-day operations, and help you understand the benefits and requirements of software updates so you can upgrade with confidence. Learn more.
  • DEM-1456-3: Automating Maintenance Tasks with Ansible and NetApp Active IQ. A technical demonstration of the process of identifying, downloading, and then running custom Ansible playbooks generated by Active IQ Digital Advisor to fix some common issues identified in the Wellness area in the user interface. Learn more.
  • BRK-1536-2: Building a Better Big Data Platform. A detailed overview of how NetApp transformed from Hadoop to a modern, cloud-native, serverless architecture built on NetApp ONTAP storage to handle the petabytes of data NetApp Active IQ uses to derive actionable intelligence; discusses how we leveraged MLFlow, Iguazio, and NetApp Data Fabric to deploy machine learning models at scale and how our hybrid cloud design resulted in improved scalability and productivity, plus a dramatic reduction in operating costs. Learn more.
  • SPD-1292-1: Improve Your System Uptime by Proactively Preventing Issues. An overview of how NetApp Active IQ Digital Advisor integrates with new enhanced support offerings to identify potential issues or firmware updates that are needed for a given system and help you proactively prevent costly downtime and seek help from experts before issues arise. Learn more.

If you haven’t already registered, don’t worry—registration is still open and it’s free! We’ll see you at INSIGHT!



Any plans to expand on eSeries info in active IQ?     It's very... limited and i find myself having to dig through raw autosupports for any info. 



Great question. I don't want to have any roadmap discussions here on a public forum. That being said, the Product Management of Active IQ definitely understands that being multi-platform is one of our key differentiators and value-adds. We know that there are some gaps for E-Series, but we have been closing those as development time permits.


Brett Albertson