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Autosupport Data used in Autosupport alerts is old


I am subscribed to get weekly autosupport risk summaries. However, it seems the data used for these emails is not even close to current.


For example, last week I received a notice that I needed to make sure the options telnet.distinct.enable was the same on both nodes of one of my cluster. I went ahead and made that change a week ago. However this morning I got an updated risk summary that said the same thing as last week. It's like it didn't even look at any of the autosupports from the last week. 


For another example, one of the risks complains that the nodes of my clusters are on different OnTap versions. However, if you display the details for each of the systems in MyAutoSupport you can see that the system knows both systems are on the same version of OnTap and have been for more than a week. Why is it still alerting me about this then? 


This system needs some work.


For reference, autosupports are working, I've submitted manual autosupports to make sure it has the latest data, and I've verified that MyAutoSupport has received and lists the timestamps of these later autosupports. However the System Health tabs and the Risk summary reports it emails me still reflect the old data that has been fixed for over a week.





You may have to follow this KB to report the issue



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I'll give you a kudo since it's obviously the only way to deal with the problem. It's just sad that either no one else experiences it or no one else cared to respond about whether it's happening for them as well.


I've found that once all the current autosupports filter out of the system, the errors go away. Not exceedingly useful, that.