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Autosupport on OnTap 8.2 not working


We have 1x HA pair, and 1 Single DR Filer both running 8.2 7 mode.

After the upgrade Autosupport just stopped, weve checked smtp settings, checked options, but no joy.

If we actually trigger the alert (GUI and cli) is says successful, any ideas??


Re: Autosupport on OnTap 8.2 not working

Check the autosupport transport protocol.  It may have been changed by the upgrade.

Re: Autosupport on OnTap 8.2 not working

^ good hint!

Does the mail ever arrive on the smtp? There are several options where a recipient can be stored / what's your configuration there?

If this isn't doing the trick I'd raise a ticket with netapp. might be a bug/burt... I haven't looked at ontap 8.2.7 so I'm not sure.

Re: Autosupport on OnTap 8.2 not working


Seems there's a bug in 8.2....great

Bug ID


Re: Autosupport on OnTap 8.2 not working

The patch for this bug is on ONTAP 8.2P5. Goto the Support site to download the latest version of ONTAP for your model. (I would have provided a direct link, but you didn't specify which model you have).. When you get to the download page for ONTAP 8.2, in the address bar manually type P5 after 8.2, (8.2P5) and you should be redirected to the P5 download page showing the list of bugs corrected in this patch.

Good luck!

Mark Clayton
Principal Architect, NCDA|NCIE, NetApp A-Team
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Autosupport on OnTap 8.2 not working

Found the BUG

Bug ID



AutoSupport messages sent using SMTP on systems lack the required 'From:' field in the message header

Duplicate of

Bug Severity

2 - System barely usable

Bug Status




Bug Type



AutoSupport messages that are sent using SMTP do not have the 'From:' field in the message header. Many e-mail spam filtering products, such as Amavis, will not deliver these messages unless this field is included. This problem affects only systems running versions 8.2 and higher of Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode and clustered Data ONTAP software. This problem does not affect AutoSupport messages that are sent using HTTP or HTTPS. 


If possible, configure AutoSupport to use HTTP or HTTPS for messages to NetApp. The example below is setting the transport to HTTPS. For systems operating in 7-Mode: node> options https For clustered Data ONTAP systems: cluster::> system node autosupport modify -node * -transport https 



Fixed-In Version

A complete list of releases where this bug is fixed is available here.

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