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Disk ownership

Hi Frndz,

Do we have any alternate logic /Command to find out the disk ownership than disk show -a..?.

In our environment,after replacing the failed disk the disk become unowned.I am aware that we can find out using a previous autosupport.However i am been very curious to get the things out without referring the old config...




Re: Disk ownership

You can list all unowned disks with disk show -n

Do you mean which controller owned this disk before it was failed? You could look at the /etc/messages file or OnCommand (Ops manager) for disk failure related messages.

Re: Disk ownership

No. Disk has not "became" unowned - disk is not owned as long as it is not assigned. Ownership is physical disk property, not specific slot property. Whoever replaces the disk is responsible for assigning it to correct controller.

NetApp supports automatic disk assignment (which is default) but it requires that the whole loop (stack) is owned by single controller.

Re: Disk ownership


Yep..i mean the same..i know that it can be get from logs / config files .

In my case,it's been very old(Some six months) the disks are replaced and been unowned .That's reason i just want to use an alternate option like any command or logic to find the owner of the disk..?

Re: Disk ownership

we have auto assign option enabled for the disk >my concern was not that,i need to find out the owner of the disk who is previously owned.

Re: Disk ownership

I do not think there is any way to find this information. Even failed disk registry does not list disk slot after it has been removed.

If filer sends ASUP to NetApp, you can try to open support case. ASUPs are kept for a long time, if not forever (someone from NetApp please correct me), so support guys may be able to pull information from half year old ASUP.

Re: Disk ownership

As long as the disk is unowned, it can't be used for any other purpose right.Correct me if i sound wrong.

Re: Disk ownership

That's correct. For all practical purposes, unowned disk does not exist.

Re: Disk ownership

Hi Saranraj456,

I have the same issue / question/ needs, have you found a solution yet? Thanks!

Re: Disk ownership

you can check the failed disk registry