Enclosure Logical Identifier Mismatch

hello to everyone here at the netapp community,

i have on 3270 netapp fabric metro cluster for testing and the following output on the SP-console: DBG: ses_incorporate_path(): Enclosure Logical Identifier Mismatch.

autosupport calls are off because i have no service contract (have to give them back to netapp).

can anybody tell me why i have this output on my console - google can´t do it.

thanks a lot!


Re: Enclosure Logical Identifier Mismatch

Quckk search on NOW gave back this:

 This debug message can occur when disk shelf cabling is moved or disturbed while SCSI Enclosure Services processes the changes.
It does not necessarily indicate a permanent error or fatal condition.
 The message can be ignored. 
If the condition is permanent, Data ONTAP will  issue EMS messages and/or autosupport messages.

It is BUG156588