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How to use AutoSupport MANAGEMENT_LOG and PERFORMANCE_LOG emails as a Partner


As a NetApp Partner and Managed Service Provider for several of our NetApp clients, I've configured the option to send us AutoSupports for our Managed Services clients.  How can I use the body.7z attachments that come along with the MANAGEMENT_LOG and PERFORMANCE_LOG emails?  I remember configuring these particular emails for a reason, but I've quite forgotton why and how I planned to use them.


I know I can log into the AutoSupport site and view the same information, but is it useful to receive these other emails? What can I do with them?  Can I upload the attachments to an online NetApp tool for analysis, especially for performance?


Edit 1: Screenshot of the body.7z attachment from a PERFORMANCE_DATA email


Edit 2: Screenshot of the body.7z attachment from a MANAGEMENT_LOG email




I havn't found much use for any of the raw autosupport data being sent directly to me. I leverage sites like and the autosupport site for this type of data, as well as having a local OCUM server for more granular historical logs and performance data.



So I've played with ATP, but haven't been blown away by its capabilities.  I'm sure I'm using it wrong.  Sometimes, I get no output at all.  How, exactly, do you use ATP for your needs? Which files do you upload and how do you gather them?


Management logs can be used to analyze issues with userspace applications such as mgwd, secd, etc. But there is no tool that parses them.


Perf data is generally outputted as XML or counter manager data. You might be able to leverage things like OnCommand to read them, but I'm not aware of other parsing tools available.


I had to look up the services you mention.  I've never heard of them.  I understand that without a parsing tool or script, it's difficult to do much with this data, except maybe cm_hourly_stats.


Luckily I have a blog post on some of those services. 😉

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