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Some customers don't upload AutoSupport to NetApp. And need a tool to decode the compressed file. 


Here is the tool


Notice, it may work on any logs, but due to use javascript to highlight keywords in logs, it may hang the web browser. 


It supports 

  1. Full Auto Support compressed with 7z format
  2. Single file, includes XML, log, txt, EMS, etc
  3. Highlight keywords in logs

Deploy your own docker container on any kind of platform

  1. Install docker 

Docker Desktop for Windows:

Docker Desktop for Mac:

Docker CE for Linux, for example, CentOS:


2. Pull the image from

Run the command: docker pull jerry2605/lvt021


3. Deploy the container from the image

Run the command: docker run -d --name lvt021 -p 80:80 jerry2605/lvt021


The option -p 80:80, first 80 is the port you want the webserver run on your machine, the second 80 is the internal port. For example, if you want to run on port 8080, the option should be -p 8080:80


Have fun!



Hi there! I downloaded Docker and had a bit of a play with it - a very interesting tool!