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Login failed at OneCollect

Hi all,


I installed OneCollect 1.9 and tried to run New Data Collection.

I had no issue for Validate with Type, Sub Type, Hostname, Username, Password.

But when I click [Save or Collect] with NetApp SSO id and password, I got "login failed" error.

Please let me know how to resolve it.


David Chung




Re: Login failed at OneCollect

I opened the case and contacted with CSD Support Operations and Technical support Center but they couldn't resolve it.


Re: Login failed at OneCollect



Post your issue in the community forum listed below.

How to get Support

NetApp Active IQ OneCollect is supported via NetApp Communities.  Create a new discussion on NetApp Communities for any questions, concern, or feedback. You must either type OneCollect in the Label field or click OneCollect link provided under the Choose a Label section. Click Post to send your feedback to NetApp.
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