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Hello Team,

I got asked by a partner today if it would possible from the main splash screen available from the window in the MyAutoSupport widget to have "ALL" as a drop down value for their customer install Base. This would enable them to be able to view all the HIGH risks and open this at a glance rather than having to do all customers one by one. I imagine it can cause a strain on the database, but would certainly help them work faster on their IB risks and address them simultenaously.





Although this would be an interesting feature to have, it is not currently available. You can mark any specific client in the list as a "favorite" and expedite the loading of their info. Please note that if you have a ton customer install bases, and each client has several machines, the output of an all query is likely to be confusing... Imagine it shows 25 high warnings, then you click there, and you see 15 machines with down-rev disk firmware, however each of them is at a different client but now you have them all grouped together. I think from a logistics standpoint, and it's just my opinion, that the current method of grouping issues by customer, and customer site is much more efficient.

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