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MySupport website issues?


I've been looking at the following screen for the last week and am now finally investigating:


06-10-2015 11-23-23 AM.png


Looks from my end like I am getting directed to an akamai server that is malfunctioning.  Other URLs underneath the main are usually 404'ing.  EG:


06-10-2015 11-25-18 AM.png


My colleagues on a few timezones away are not having issues.  I haven't the slightest idea how to raise this to someone's attention other than via this forum, so if i've misplaced this, can you let me know or put it in front of the right eyes?






Same here, for at least a week. But it only happens with Chrome. Firefox works fine.

Yes, I cleaned the cache and so on.




Are you still facing this issue?




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Yes, still happens. Still only in Chrome.

I don't know, the browser must have gone crazy.


NOT able to log into the MySupport site in the middle of the USA.


When attempting to use the NetApp site and selecting SUPPORT the 404 page not found error appears.


Perhaps ironic, requesting support you get a failed page?


HELP - this should not be happening, especially for a LONG of a period of time>


NetApp   H E L P .....


I'm seeing the same as the original poster. What's weird is I can access the site if I go incognito. 




I'm having this same issue and it's only with Chrome.  I get the same message "We apologize that the support site is currently unavailable".  It works from any other browser, except Chrome.  Did anyone get this fixed?

Hello, Please clear your cookies and try it again. Best regards