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NetApp AutoSupport misreporting?



We have inherited a NetApp that has AutoSupport, I have been following up my critical issues with NetApp suggestions for issues to upgrade firmware etc.

However I have noticed that the Autosupport can be a bit misleading, for example, it suggests that "system BIOS is earlier than 5.1.1" and that is should be upgraded.

When I checked all our NetApps (version -b) and (sysconfig -a) and it reports that the BIOS version is 5.1.1

Is this a common occurence with the AutoSupport?  Should it be trusted?




I notice they have removed the disclaimer on the risks page (or broke it), it flashes up very quickly as the page loads then disappears, had hoped it meant they had fixed something but obviously not!

I'd concur, remove the functionality until fixed, I have to explain to my management team that the risks included in the monthly reports aren’t real and are a software bug! - they don't seem very  convinced!


Fix it or remove it from the web site ASAP - this is just as bad as it could be My AutoSupport is full of bugs..


Seeing mismatches here as well, doesn't look like they have fixed anything as of lately.  I upgraded the disk shelf firmware on all my 3240's and autosupport still shows that they need to be updated ...


I have given up with using it at the moment, I have started using config advisor or onCommand web ui, currently they are clear so happy days.  I was talking to a NetApp consultant recently and he suggested running a monitoring server for our NetApps which runs on a Windows 2008 server as this would be better than relying on AutoSupport.

However that is the cost of a Windows 2008 server licence.


Any word from NetApp as to when this issue will be fixed, sort of makes the whole autosupport feature useless if we can't rely on their accuracy.


It's important to note that with Autosupport misbehaving that any Upgrade Advisors created might incorrect. For example we have a HA 3250 pair which auto support is reporting do not have Takeover Configured (which is not true). This stops Upgrade Advisor generating a procedure which includes NDU steps


I am also noticing false alarms when looking at My Autosupport, since the new layout I have tons of Risks showing up - Bios, Low Battery not charging, etc.  I've wasted some time checking a few of them out and am waiting for it to be fixed.  I wouldn't "automatically" trust the risks data as I've had false reports before.


Yep me too, since the new look Autosupport (that takes 5 * longer to load!) I have have it report the Low battery Not charging issue, Shelf firmware for IOM3 out of date that was fixed prior to the 'new look', License Mismatch,... i notice that a new message has been posted on the Risks page "Currently, several risks are not behaving as intended. We are working diligently to resolve these issues. Thank you for your patience and support.", so hopefully it's remove all these erroneous risk and stop the wild goose chase.


Yes, that is why we added the message on the UI.

We are working on these fixes as a priority and will provide an update via the FAQ document.

Thanks for all of your patience and support,



NetApp has confirmed that my config is not as is being reported by the My Autosupport website (i.e wrong BIOS, battery issue) and I now have a case open with the NOW team regarding the misreporting.  Once I have clarification on the matter I will report back.  Thanks



Are the ASUP emails generated & sent regularly? What's the last ASUP date on the My AutoSupport portal? And what does sysconfig -a (under Raw AutoSupport section) there display?


Hi Radek

Thanks for your reply.

I have issued sysconfig -a whilst logged into the NetApp.   There is an option for issuing the same command via the AutoSupport web portal?

I also did a : options autosupport.doit WEEKLY_LOG on one of the NetApps and the AutoSupport last reported date changed for that NetApp on the AutoSupport web portal, however the status of the errors did not change.



There may be some lag with processing newly sent ASUP info to update the recommendation list.


There were some issues with that system risk being correctly detected. I believe it's fixed, and should be correct by Sunday. Please check again on Monday.



I have also let's say misreporting. In Raw Data section there is much less outputs from command. eg. "storage" command or sysconfig -r. Maybe I missed in a new layout.



You can't issue the command, but you can view historical info uploaded from the filer:

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