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Retention of ActiveIQ capacity, utilization and performance trend data for NetApp HCI


I  saw in another thread that ASUP data is kept for 60 days.


What about "computed" data, such as storage capacity and performance utilization, and compute CPU and RAM utilization for hosts in ESXi clusters (NetApp HCI)?


I know those get averaged and combined for longer periods of time, but would a user with 5 year MA still be able to see capacity utilization trend from Day 0 all the way to end of their maintenance period?




Since no one has answered, I'll try to help. I'm not the authoritative person on this topic, however. My understanding is that there's no way to visualize data beyond a certain date range in the web UI. I think the answer is that we retain data for longer than what you stated. However, if you can't easily get access to that data, I'm not sure that it really helps you. The only question is how long data could be accessed via other methods, mainly the API. I don't know the answer to that. I'm also not sure what the maximum retention is (I've heard different values, but all much greater than 60 days).


Does that help answer your question? It depends on your goal, really.


Brett Albertson



Thanks for the reply!


I saw 60 days in the Web UI (drop down time period for charts) but you made a good point about the API.


Let's leave this open some longer, I think it could be valuable to ActiveIQ users to know the exact values. If we don't get any updates I'll accept your answer as solution.