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Risks and other issues report but are not visible within the webportal




I have a problem with ActiveIQ 

Risks Issues and Best Practices are available but not shown in the web portal.

Even if I download the list in XLS format there is no information exported.

They are visible through the Mobile App!

I tried different PC's and browsers.



Does anyone have the same experience?



Sorry for the delay, we are investigating the issue and will reply back  when it has been resolved.  Thank you.


Hi Carlos,


Thanks for reaching out.


By accident I found that this is not an issue, but just a wrong interpretion of the dashboard.

When y have a customer on dashboard y can see risks, when selected y see nothing.

When y click on the specific system (dril down) y will see the risk eventualy.


It's just that I suspected that when y click on customer level , you will see all risk for all systems.

But it doesn't.


Maybe it's just me but I find this still strang behavior.


I think I see what you mean but we can do a WebEx if you would like.  


For the site or customer level, we show an aggregate view.  


If you still have questions, please let me know.





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