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SmartSolve EOL? MyAutosupport alternative for get all ASUPS?




I have a script that will download the cm-stats.gz file from all the performace autosupports for a given time range.

With those stats file I can then generate a CMPG report that I can use.


There is a simarlar internal script that does that and is called: cmdownload



Internally Cmdownload is a command line tool to download multiple weeks of performance autosupports from the database. "CmDownload -f na-03 -w 10" or "Cmdownload -f -w 26" CmDownload and CMPG offline versions are available here



Now my download URL for SmartSolve doesnt work anymore for 7-mode:"+$asupid

(the ASUP ID you can get from the excel export of all autosupports:"+$systemid" )


However the download does work when I go through MyAutosupport instead of Smartsolve.

then the URL is something like: "


Now I need a BIZKEY.


So I have 4 questions:

1 .Can anyone help me to convert the ASUPID / CDV to a BIZKEY.

2. Or can anyone help me to get an overview of all the Autosupports received by that SystemID with the BIZKEY included?

3. Can someone fix the download link in SmartSolve?

4. Can someone give me the cmdownload and will that work when I'm not on NetApp' s network?


Kind Regards,

Boris Aelen







SmartSolve has some trouble with which it does not provide correct data for some sections.

You can get a list of recent ASUP through the link below. Response is JSON ant it contains bizkey.