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Hi,   I’m preparing to do an upgrade for several clusters consisting of 8 nodes or more, but I am unable to select the Batch Upgrade option. The dropd more
Is it possible to find all switched metroclusters from ASUP or Active IQ for all customers? I found a script to retrieve a list of Flash Cache systems more
Hi,   here is my view when I select one of my sites:               When I switch to "All sites" the only widget that gets updates is "SYSTEM INVENTOR more
I have a customer with a 2 node FAS2650 running OnTAP 9.1. In Active-IQ it shows one node perfectly, the other node it shows the hostname as it's IP a more
What is NetApp Active IQ and what is it used for? Answer: NetApp Active IQ is a cloud service that provides predictive and proactive insights that more
Good morning everyone, I just configured the autosupport in HTPPS for a customer Aff200 in Ontap 9.1. The command autosupport check show-details displ more
we checked the etc folder, notifyd logs are not there. the model number is FAS2020 and the version is 7.3.2
 A number of customers have tagged serial numbers with a "Group"-tag. This is seen by all users from the customers and also partners and NetApp employ more
We are performing a upgrade for couple of systems tomorrow. We are unable to generate the upgrade advisor reports. failed after attempting to generate more
Does the support contract officially begin when the product is delivered? Or, does SUPPORT officially begin once the system is deployed? How and whe more