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how to change default ports smtp, http, https to send autosupport ?


how to change default ports smtp, http, https to send auto support ?  We like to use other ports to connect to above protocols. We tried to specify in mailhost:port but was not working. Traceroute was working.   Any Idea?  Thanks for help.



For proxy web posting of AutoSupports, in 8.0 and later releases, the port selection is controlled by the specified proxy URL. I would not do this for pre-8.0 releases since I remember at least one issue where a bug would cause a reboot panic loop.

As for SMTP, as far as I know, we don't have any exposed controls.There are road map items to support authenticated email to ports like 587.


Sorry for updating this old thread, but basically I have the same problem at a lot of customers environments. Most of the Exchange installations do not allow smtp relaying on port 25 (doesn't make sense from security point of view). There are a lot of smtp-relays outside, which are using port 2525, etc.

Is there any chance to change the port in the newest Data ONTAP?



Hi Martin,

That configuration option does not exist.

It's assumed that customer systems will be pointing to an SMTP relay on their internal network - where concerns over spam (the main reason for blocking 25) are minimal.

Have you or customers opened any technical cases concerning this issue?  If so, please supply them.

If you believe this to be an important enhancement, ask your NetApp sale representative to submit the enhancement request.


Hi Andris,

thanks for your reply.

We have a lot of customers, who call for closing the smtp relay on port 25. You are right, the risk is minimal, but there is a risk which I can simply disable. And in environments at public clients you have to minimize the risk to the maximum :). There are a lot of devices (multifunctional printers, iLO, iRMC) where I can select a port for sending over smtp.

In my opinion there is no chance for little Martin, to get this option into the next Data ONTAP with an enhancement request at NetApp I guess :). I think this issue is already submitted a few times at NetApp and if we are honest, it should be really easy to implement this one. I love NetApps, but unable to modify the smpt port is not state of the art.



Hi Martin,

I opened bug 716861 (RFE: Provide SMTP port configurability for AutoSupport) on your behalf.




Hi Andris,

thanks a lot for your engagement in this issue .

I think it should be easy to implement an option for changing the portnumbers.

Would you please let me know if you have new informations about this case?

Thanks in advance



Hi Martin,

This is somewhat ironic... if you are running Data ONTAP 8.1 or later, you can specify a non-standard port, already! 

However, it is not checked for "correctness", so you need to be careful with the syntax.

Basically, you can append the mailhost name or address with ":<port#>".


system node autosupport modify -mail-hosts


options autosupport.mailhost

The burt I logged will drive improved input checking and documentation for this. 

Let me know how it works for you...


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