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issue with cf giveback on netapp 3140


     we have 3140 and one of controller have taken over . after checking cf status it says that it is ready to giveback but when i issue "cf giveback" it says that "Failed Disk 1d.20 should be removed before the giveback command is invoked" followed by "Fail over monitor: disk Check: giveback cancelled due to active state"


now i am new to netapp so i am searching on internet that how to chnage the failed disk and initially i found to blink the disk. as physically i saw some 7 disk with amber light but " vol status -f " shows only 2 x failed disks. but when i try to blink_on 1d.20 so i dont see any blinking on shelves.



please guide 





Re: issue with cf giveback on netapp 3140


Hello Afridi,

Did you run the command in advanced mode? 


node> priv set advanced

node*> blink_on 1d.20

You can also try node*> led_on 1d.20




Re: issue with cf giveback on netapp 3140

Thank you for reply

Yes i did but it is not working . even i tried to find it in output of disk show commnad but i didn't see it . there are other disks which are shown and "Failed" is displayed in front of it  but not this one and blink_on works very well for other Fialed disk







Re: issue with cf giveback on netapp 3140

I would highly recommend opening a case with support.

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