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messages file not found


Hello Guys,

We are facing some issue while reading file /etc/messages. I noticed the issue while I tried reading the messages via telnet using command rdfile /etc/messages where I got the message that "file not found". Then I looked for the messages file in the etc directory using windows explorer. I can see the files messages.0, messages.1 etc. The messages.0 file was last created on 06/06/2011. I am not able to find any message created after 6/6/11.

Also there is no message in the autosupport mail(nither weekly nor manual).

Does anyone have any idea about this??? Any suggestion appreciated.






I always use filerview to read measages, it is the only thing it does well.  By the sounds of it someone has edited the config file.

The /etc/messages file


By default, all system messages of level INFO and higher are sent to the console and to the /etc/messages file, which enables you to see a record of events on your storage system and use scripts to parse for particular events.

The /etc/messages file is rotated once a week, and six weeks of messages are retained.

You can use the logger command to create and send a system message explicitly. For more information about the logger command, see the na_logger(1) man page.

If you would like to change the level of messages that are sent to /etc/messages, you can edit /etc/syslog.conf. For more information about message levels and the /etc/syslog.conf file, see the na_syslog.conf(5) man page.

Hope it helps



If you are not able too see file, You can create a file. Mount root volume in linux, create a file touch /etc/messages, and make sure filer is logging in /etc/syslog.conf. 

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