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smtp google apps settings


We are using google apps for our email solution.  I have setup autosupport to utilize smtp, outgoing server is, and for testing I have the type set to minimal. 

For some reason, I can't get the netapp to pass the autosupport to the gmail servers.  I verified that port 587 is open, and I can ping the address from the cli on the filer. 

Has anyone configured google apps / gmail to work with their netapp, if so, whats the trick.

Thanks in advance,


smtp google apps settings

I think you need two things:

  • A mailserver which lets you relay.
  • Connectivity to port 25 of that mailserver.



Re: smtp google apps settings

Hi John,

We are having the same setup and trying to setup autosupport with google apps but with no joy???

Are you able to setup the autosupport with google apps???