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Citrix VMs fail to boot using NetApp LUN


Seeing a strange issue with Citrix and using NetApp storage. The current Citrix environment is out of support and uses HPE Nimble LUNS presented via iSCSI. VMs seem to work fine on these, new VMs can be made, a new LUN can be created, presented and VMs created which all work ok. I have a FAS2552 running ONTAP 9.8P7 with a LUN presented to the same Citrix environment and VMs fail to boot.


The NetApp LUN is presented to Citrix successfully and a Storage resource created from it. Multipathing is established on all hosts and the VM base image can be copied across successfully. When booting the VM from a clone of the base identity disk it boots to the Windows Logo (Windows 10) before failing and rebooting. This happens a number of times before going to the recovery prompts.


Has anyone seen this behaviour before/managed to resolve? I've exhausted everything I can think of.


Versions below 


Windows OS version - 2019 LTSC

Citrix Virtual App & Desktop version - 1909

VDA version - 1909.1.0.23058

Citrix App Layering Appliance version -

NetApp Model - FAS 2552

ONTAP - 9.8P7

VM OS - Windows 10.