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Configure GRID Network on RedHat Docker Implementation




3 physical RedHat 7.3 servers utilizing docker 1.12


Server01 has Admin Node (AN) and Storage Node 1 (SN1)

  • Host IP (Copper Mgmt on VLAN 130)
  • Host bonded pair IP (fiber Ethernet data connection on VLAN 135)
    • AN IP -
    • AD GRIP IP -
    • SN1 IP -

Server02 has Gateway Node (GN) and Storage Node 2 (SN2)

  • Host IP
  • Host bonded pair IP
    • GW GRID IP -
    • SN2 GRID IP -


Server03 has Storage Node 3 (SN3)

  • Host IP
  • Host bonded pair IP
    • SN3 GRID IP -


.135.x is the GRID Network

.130.x is the MGMT Network


Unable to communicate and unsure if we are configuring this properly. There aren't any instructions about utilizing different networks on the Nodes and Hosts. This is requirement by our customer to have the Backup Network virtually separated from the Mgmt Network (hence the VLANs). 


Would like some guidance on configuration. Please feel free to ask any additional questions that may lead to a solution.




Re: Configure GRID Network on RedHat Docker Implementation


Found that the configurations were correct, the issue seemed to reside on the switch as we were running bonded pair for the ethernet, we learned that the switchport mode needed to not be set as trunk but rather access.


Additionally, we found that Server02 needed the bond to be rebuilt.

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