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Help - mapping a LUN to both iSCSI and FC


Could use some help from you experts out there - I have a cluster of two 2008 R2 boxes (one physical, one VM on XenServer environment, if it matters), and am trying to map a lun to both of those machines. I have found multiple mentions of this being an easy thing to do, just mapping an igroup to both iscsi and FC and mapping the lun to this igroup. The problem is my ONTAP will not let me do this; when creating an igroup the dropdown allows for two choices; iSCSI or FC, and once I create either type it will not let me add iditiators of the other kind to it:

igroup add: Not a valid iSCSI node name

igroup add: 10000005339090c9: Valid name format is or


igroup add: Not a valid iSCSI node name

igroup add: 10000005339090c8: Valid name format is or


for instance. I tried mapping the lun to multiple igroups (one FC , one iscsi) but it did not let me do this either. I am not afraid of data corruption as this is a clustered environment, I am just stuck at the mapping part. Anyone have any insight?

Thanks in advance



You should be able to map a LUN to multiple igroups


Ah, I think found the problem, nevermind... ALUA was enabled on both igroups, as I disabled it it let me map.

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