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SMHV in HyperV CSV Environment backup problems


Hi everybody,

I use SMHV with SDW 6.4 in HyperV CSV cluster, and have many problems of backup.

SMHV reports tell me SnapDirve is not licensed on storage system, and have some error of Vss Requestor.

I try ton uninstall completely SMHV and SDW, and reinstall it installing first SDW then SMHV - No changes.

All of my virtual machines running Windows 2008R2, or Windows 2003 R2, or RedHat Enterprise...

Since installation backup never works correctly.

I have try to restart SDW before backup, no changes ...

So i have no idea ... So i need your help.



Hi everybody,

Ok so i have upgrade SDW to 6.4P1 and SMHV to Try to backup my cluster and still have an error :

Backup task failed to succeed. An error occured while renaming snapshots after backup operation

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot !

hi there

have a similar problem here:

SnapDrive reports me when creating a Backup in SMHV the following error:

Error :SnapManager for Hyper-V is not licensed on the host or in the Storage System, backup is aborted

License Typ from Snapmanager is Storage and there is a license added.

First I installed SnapDrive and then SMHV.

Please Help, i'd like to solve that.




I solved the problem with Help of Netapp Support.

SnapDrive causes the problem because wrong communication with filer.

First of all check all your dns entries from your filer interfaces (+ reverse Lookup)

after you checked that add an Registry Entry into your server where SnapDrive is installed:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Attention: you have to add the public Interface IP Address from your filer,l not the dedicated iSCSI IP Address.

detailed information:

gd luck



Thanks a lot for yours answers. I will try to upgrade version of SDW and SMHV and will be back at the end of the day for give back...



Please make sure you select per storage in the license page while upgrading.





Have a look at this kb.


You need to install

SnapDrive for Windows on all hosts before installing SnapManager for Hyper-V.

If the hosts are members of a cluster, all nodes in the cluster require the installation of SnapDrive for


When SnapManager for Hyper-V starts it communicates with SnapDrive for Windows to get the list

of all virtual machines running on a host. If SnapDrive for Windows is not installed on the host, this

API fails and the SnapManager for Hyper-V internal cache does not update with the virtual machine


You might receive the following message:

Error :SnapManager for Hyper-V is not licensed on the host or in the Storage

System, backup is aborted:



Thanks for your answer.

Snapdrive for Windows is well installed on each node of my hyperV cluster.

My hyperv cluster is constitued of 4 nodes, and each node have SDW 6.4 installed.

On each node i have also installed SMHV... always the same problem !


Hi ademuynck,

There is SDW 6.4P1 available. It solved some other problems for us. It might be worth trying. There are also patches for SMHV available.



I was connecting to netapp now portal, and try to download SDW 6.4P1 and patches for SMHV, but i can't see any new version of SDW or patches for SMHV ...

Could you give me link where to download this ?

Thanks a lot.


Downloading patch level is a special thing with NetApp. You need to go "Software Downloads". At the last line you can select software products. At the input field you need to fill in the version you are looking for. To check if there is a patch for an software product you need to "try and error".



Here is the SDW 6.4P1 download link.

You should also open a ticket with NGS to have them take a look at the logs.

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