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AIX uppercase NFSv4 ID Domain


Anyone ever had a Problem with an uppercase NFS v4 id domain setting?
Cluster::> vserver nfs show -vserver vServerName -fields v4-id-domain 

vserver v4-id-domain
--------- ---------------
vServerName GXX.XXXX.CH


The AIX NFS Domain is caseinsensitive where the NetApp domain string seems to be case sesitive becuase i do get Errors like this:

Nblade.Nfsv4NsdbDomainMismatch: NFSv4 server 10.5.XXX.XXX received domain string from client 10.5.XXX.XXX, which does not match the '-v4-id-domain' value GXX.XXXX.CH


any suggestions or solutions?





Re: AIX uppercase NFSv4 ID Domain


ID domain names are case sensitive. 

From TR 3580( Page 12
For all the NFSv4 requests to be processed correctly, we need to make sure that the user name to user ID mappings are available to both the server and the client and match exactly, including case sensitivity.


I would suggest to either modify client or NetApp's ID domain so that they match including the case sensitivity.



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