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Hi All,   Running FAS2552 with Ontap 9.5p6.   So a user has complained that in the last 3 weeks searching (through windows 10) a particular folder (85 more
Hello,   I got a used FAS2240/4 with ONTAP 8.2 P3 7-Mode running on it:   NAPKF01> versionNetApp Release 8.2P3 7-Mode: Wed Sep 11 21:30:48 PDT 2013NAP more
Hi all,i am working on to expand the volume from NetApp storage and resize it on OS server.What i have done so far was as below: -Unmount the existing more
Hi , anyboday know about netapp(c mode) support run mutipath with ifgrp (lacp) on the Cisco vpc feature? Each controller ifgrp(lacp),connect to two ne more
Hi,   Am getting an issue while accessing the CIFS share through windows 2012 R2 client. FYI, our environment uses 9.5 Vsim.   There is multiple EMS e more
We are looking at an issue with an AbInitio Win2016 Data Gateway which copies a file to or from a CIFS Netapp volume and it gets created with zero per more
Hi,   Where is the best place to report issues or feature requests with ansible modules? This Community site? Github seem to be quiet dead. https://gi more
Hello,   I have several doubts, I start with the first one. I have 2 single fas 3250 cabins with version 8.1.4P1, I want to make snapmirror from contr more
Hello community,I would like to create a PowerShell script, which is DP mirrored volumes to convert to XDP Anyone able to help me with some useful cod more
Hello,   I'm new to NetAPP. I was trying to create a CIFS user Home Directory on an existing SVM that has many other home directories.  I'm using ONTa more