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We want to be able to look quickly look through windows logs to see folder permission changes. We've turned on logging where the logs goto a user dire more
Trying to set up SIEM to be able to query Netapp API. Getting an error:"Error 13005: Unable to find API: perf-object-get-instances-iter-start". Please more
Hi,   We have On Command Unified Manager 7.2 P1, please let me know how can i generate report for volume snapshot count.
Is there a way to set back the threshold on the API timeout for this one cluster and not all of them?  Where would that be?     Running OCUM 7.3p1 wit more
When a user creates a File or Folder, by default the user is set as the owner of the new object.Because the user is set as the owner they can edit the more
i am migrating a large number of small files (10 million) and the business unit wants them in sub-folders 201701, 201702, 201703..... currently there more
Hi there,   out of curiosity and technical interest to understand our FAS2240/7-Mode 8.2.5 better, I have an intricate question based on an incident/p more
Hi , i have a fas 2020 and i am trying to connect with my laptop. I use 'System setup' software , version 3.1.655.0 and the ip of my laptop is 10.10.1 more
I have a fas2520 with two heads and two vmware nodes; on the fas I configure the network to receive and provide services via nfs; then on a head, port more
Hi,   Snap drive not find disks after transmission 7 to 9.I see all disks on server disk management also iscsi and snap drive configuration is look li more