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After I presented a LUN from NetAPP FAS3240 to OEL 6.5 OS i face the below mentioned issue please suggest.   mpath13 (360a9800037536c4964244d7930486c6 more
I am receving the following error when I try to create a volume. I checked the site-packages directory and have the NetApp-Lib module available (/usr/ more
hi all,   We are having issues connecting NetApp Harvest to a cluster on one of our remote sites.  This site has a relatively new pair of FAS2650 file more
I'm trying to do a bandwidth estimation for a current FAS system that we are taking Snapshots on according to the RPO. using get-snapshotdelta i can g more
Hello All,   I am facing issue with one of the Snapmirror relationship in my environment. All other relationships are working fine. I have tried to Up more
This is on OnTap 9.4P3.  We attempted to configure SAML for OCSM, but it failed terribly.  We followed the steps in more
Hello.We really need instructions on the Model 116-00025. Link to the goods more
Hi all,   We are currently configuring a FlexArray configuration by connectingone E5660 (6TB x60)(Santricity 08.25.06) and Five DE 6660(6TB x 60) toFA more
Working on WFA workflow to resize , grow an exisitng LUN ,using SQL query for existing LUN How do i make the targetsize to propmpt for value?
i have a customer who is doing snapshots but when he tried to mount them to test the snapshot is grayed out. They have several NetApp FAS systems runn more