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OCUM late last night fired an alert that the SP was not configured on one of the nodes on our 8040 controller. We got the obselete email 15 minutes la more
I do not find an option to export the historical Performance metrics info into CSV for NetApp Physical Ethernet Interfaces. I see an option for LIFs b more
Hi,   I need to create some specific replication reports (PDF).    The OCUM built -in reports that I could modify or customize are not providing what more
I found two options in OCUM to enforce validation of data sources.   # um option list Name                          Default Value    Value   more
Dear Team,How to check volume created date in cdot.RegardsSalesh.c
When will we be able to disable alert generation for an entire cluster at a time in OCUM? Currently it is impossible as you have to try and exclude th more
Can you please tell me when the Restore Issue with OCUM will be sorted out? Please have a look into Ticket: 2007468469 for mor information. There shou more
Hi there,   we use OCUM 9.4 and we have a couple of questions:   1) why do I need to login to OnCommand System Manager* with "domain\username" and wit more
  Hello All,   I am trying to create a clone from a snapshot using WFA and the process go through all the steps successfully and creates 7 of the 8 de more
Hi. We need more historical reports within OCUM. e.g. the volume space allocation over the last year/month/week/day. -> Data Space Used -> Used By Sna more