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Netapp SAN Portset requirement











Sorry, somehow my questions missed out from this post.  Here are  my questions from  initial post.


We are  in a process of  implementing  FAS 2750 HA pair (only two nodes) Filer for block usage  and  have query about using portset

In our case we have  Windows hosts  with 2 HBAs and zoning will be done as mentioned below



Fabric A                                                                                        Fabric B
• Zone 1: HBA 0, Node01_LIF_1 ,Node02_LIF_3          • Zone 1: HBA 1, Node01_LIF_2, Node02_LIF_4

Port set  - We will create two portsets

Portset 1: Node 1 LIF1 and Node 2 LIF3
Portset 2: Node 1 LIF2 and Node 2 LIF4



IG1 - have  HBA1 WWPN   

IG2-  have HBA2 WWPN



Portset1 with IG1 & Portset 2 with IG2


Please help me to answer below questions  about  using portsets while provisioning block storage.

- In my case do we really need portset to restrict luns ? As you see we already have zones setup which will restrict luns on HA pairs.

- What difference it will make with or without portsets with above config ?

- What are the best practices recommended by NetApp about using portsets  on HA pairs?

- How to restrict lun access if I have multiple hosts on Microsoft Clusters. For example If  I have to share few luns only visible to host1 and other luns can be shared with host1 and host2 which are in clusters?


Thank you !

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