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AWS Cloud Mgr, S3 Storage Class, Standard-IA has to wait 30 days before transitioning from Standard


We just discovered that even though we selected via "Cloud Manager" "S3 Storage Classes" for our instance to be "Standard-Infrequent Access" AWS S3 bucket shows that the objects are in Standard for 30 days, then they transition to Standard-IA after 30 days!  


We also attempted to change the "Lifecycle rule" in place and AWS does not accept anything less then 30 days.


Is this a NetApp bug or limitation? 

Can Netapp indeed write directly to Standard-IA?



This is S3 limitation. 

Check here https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/lifecycle-transition-general-considerations.html


From the STANDARD storage classes to STANDARD_IA or ONEZONE_IA. The following constraints apply:


  • For larger objects, there is a cost benefit for transitioning to STANDARD_IA or ONEZONE_IA. Amazon S3 does not transition objects that are smaller than 128 KB to the STANDARD_IA or ONEZONE_IA storage classes because it's not cost effective.


  • Objects must be stored at least 30 days in the current storage class before you can transition them to STANDARD_IA or ONEZONE_IA. For example, you cannot create a lifecycle rule to transition objects to the STANDARD_IA storage class one day after you create them.


    Amazon S3 doesn't transition objects within the first 30 days because newer objects are often accessed more frequently or deleted sooner than is suitable for STANDARD_IA or ONEZONE_IA storage.


  • If you are transitioning noncurrent objects (in versioned buckets), you can transition only objects that are at least 30 days noncurrent to STANDARD_IA or ONEZONE_IA storage.


Thanks for the link.


It's a bit misleading to be able to select/change in Cloud Manager instance type to Standard-IA, assuming it would be the case once the object is created.... 


I checked with AWS and they redirected me to NetApp Cloud Support.


Maybe they can write in the API a transition immediate to Standard-IA.


Thanks again.

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