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Can I create a LAG between Netapp CN1610 and Dell N series switch


Is it possible to create a LAG between a Netapp CN1610 and a Dell Networking N series switch (Dell N2048)? I have the 2 switches connected however, I cannot get them to communicate with each other. I am not sure if it is not possible or maybe something in the configuration is not correct.  



Hi there!


I will assume you are not using the CN1610 for a NetApp Cluster switch. If you are using the CN1610 as a cluster switch, this is not recommended at all.


Can you please post the port and port channel configuration from both sides (the dell and the NetApp)? Essentially you want to do an LACP active config (not passive) from both.



Your assumption is correct. We are not using the Netapp CN1610 for a Netapp cluster switch. We have a single CN1610 switch installed with a twinax cable connected between the CN1610 and the Dell N series switch. Here are the current configs for each switch....

Dell N2048 port-channel config

interface port-channel 2
description "10g LAG to Netapp Cisco"
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan 10,100

Dell N2048 port config

interface Te1/0/2
channel-group 2 mode on


Netapp CN1610 port-channel config

port-channel name 3/2 N2048-LAG
interface 0/1
no auto-negotiate
addport 3/2


interface 3/2
description 'N2048 LAG - port 1'
vlan participation include 10,100
lacp admin key 0


Netapp CN1610 port config

interface 0/1
description 'LAG to N2048 switch'


The lacp shows active on the Dell switch and it is sending PDU's. However, it is not receiving any PDU's from the CN1610.


I think the Dell side should say "channel-group 2 mode active" instead of "on" - I believe "on" means opportunistic - if offered - LACP only, while "active" means it is soliciting membership


I initially had the Dell port set to "active" however,  the lacp was showing inactive. When I set to "on" it became active. The reason why I set it to "on" is because that is the only way I can configure the lacp as static. I would prefer to have a dynamic LAG but I can only setup a static lag on the netapp side. 

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