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Cifs shares migration from on prem Netapp 7 mode vfiler to ontap cloud volumes


Hi Experts,


we are planning to migrate CIFS shares hosted on our on-prem Netapp 7 mode to Netapp on AWS cloud. We do not have anything set up on cloud as of now. can someone help me with prerequisites and processes to migrate the data to the cloud. we do not have support for our on-prem NetApp. 



I am not an expert on AWS, but information below is good to begin with. We should have on-board NetApp-AWS expers who can give you more insight.


NetApp Cloud Sync is a software product from NetApp that can migrate your data from onpremises NFS and CIFS to Amazon S3, Amazon EFS or any other CIFS, object or NFS target. In Cloud Sync, you identify the source data on CIFS, NFS or object storage and add a Data Broker instance in your AWS account that controls the synchronization relationship as well as the updates to the data target of your choice in AWS.


You can access Cloud Sync in NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS or on its own. From there, complete the following steps:

1) Select Create a New Relationship.
2) Enter your IP address (the rest of the fields are autopopulated).
3) Use your cloud volume as a target and start syncing that data.


Transferring NAS data between on-premises and cloud object stores:


Storage Migration to AWS:

Migration engine:
SnapMirror is snapshot-based replication software that runs on NetApp systems both on-premises
and on AWS. For the initial synchronization, a full copy based on a snapshot of the source NetApp
volume is copied to AWS to perform a baseline synchronization. As data changes, new snapshots are created, and block level changes to the file system since the previous snapshot are sent to remote site to update the remote volume. The process is then repeated, sending incremental updates to the target until the target system has enough data to initiate the fail over.

I don't think there should be an issue with migrating NAS data from your  out-of-support or end-of-life 7-mode to AWS Cloud.


Thank you for your response, we are planing to take snapmirror approach, But I just need final step to repopulate the CIFS shares on cloud cifs server once snap mirror is broken off. I have not done cifs migration before so I am bit confused.


@Bir  can you please look into the response given by our expert?


If any of the above response helped you solve your query then please accept as solution, this will help others with the same query.

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