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Create a DRP solution - Snapmirror the VMFS ESX datastores ?


Hello Everyone, 


I'm currently working on a design solution and i need your help to check if this solution can be implemented and is safe.


We have 2 sites : Site A (production), Site B (will be the DRP site).


On the site A, we have a VMware ESX cluster with some datastores where VMs reside. This VMs are hosted on a FAS2650 storage.


On the site B, we'll also a VMware ESX cluster with a a FAS2620 storage array

I plan to build a DRP solution by using Snapmirror function , the goal is to replicate the datastores / VMs from the site A to the site B and perform a failover if the site A is out.


I have the following questions :

1/ Is snapmirror function is recommanded with VMFS volumes ? 

2/ Is it possible to mount DP volumes on the site B to the site B ESX and map the datastores and inventory the VMs ? 

3/ How to perform the failover (in netapp i need to break the snapmirror) but which actions are needed on VMware side ? 









You should be able to do it with snapmirror , see here for more details:


Please also be aware the NetApp provides a tool called VSC to handle native backups(in crash consistent state)  as well as their replication and mounting. its also offer VMWare SRA plug in called VASA that can help automate the process.


and last. it's also providing Metro-Stretched configuration that allow the DR volume to be mounted at the same time on clusters node at two sites. in recent ONTAP version it's also available over IP.



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK
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