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Files owned by another user are copied to a CIFS Netapp volume with zero permissions using w2016

We are looking at an issue with an AbInitio Win2016 Data Gateway which copies a file to or from a CIFS Netapp volume and it gets created with zero permissions and so cannot be seen by the application to be used or actioned.


It can be explicitly listed and shows as having rw permissions. Same happens using w2012 Data Gateway but works a treat using a Win2008 Abinitio data gateway!

We have tried assigning the account explicit full control of the folder and the same still happens. We have also checked Security Polices and SMB related forums and still none the wiser!

The copy command is using linux

m_cp unc://abdg-unit//af05/af05/Groups/SOLVENCY2/lkp_rds_exposure_group_new/test_Exposure_Group.csv unc://abdg-unit//af05/af05/Groups/SOLVENCY2/lkp_rds_exposure_group_new/test_Exposure_Group.csv_copy

When it gets listed well here we go...

Viewed using the W2016 Gateway server:

xxx$  m_ls -al  "unc://abdg-phx-dev//af05/af05/Groups/SOLVENCY2/lkp_rds_exposure_group_new/rds_exposure_group.csv"

----------     Domain\XXXXXX CORP\Domain+Users              84,394 Apr 11 16:12      file://abdg-phx-dev/~unc/af05/af05/Groups/SOLVENCY2/lkp_rds_exposure_group_new/rds_exposure_group.csv


Now the same thing on 2008 the permissions and ownership get translated to correct userid

xxx$  m_ls -al  "unc://abdg-unit//af05/af05/Groups/SOLVENCY2/lkp_rds_exposure_group_new/test_Exposure_Group.csv"

-rw-rw-rw-     Domain\XXXXX CORP\Domain+Users              59,221 Aug 01 07:32      file://abdg-unit/~unc/af05/af05/Groups/SOLVENCY2/lkp_rds_exposure_group_new/test_Exposure_Group.csv


HELP Please