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How to do offline IMT checks with One Collect 1.8?

When selecting the 'IMT Advise' action for a completed Data Collection Job One Collect shows  the instructions to download the IMT files and place them in a folder.

Once done, it continues to show the same instructions and doesn't produce IMT output as desired.


The instruction states to download:

    FAS_SAN_Host_.xlsx & Switch_(ONTAP,_E-Series,_SolidFire).xlsx
When downloading the filename is ONTAP_SAN_Host_20190902.xlsx.

Do these files need a different name?


This is with One Collect 1.8 (current version for download).


a) How can we make the IMT check work?

  (we can't upload data via asup due to security restrictions)

b) Are there plans to automate or simplify the installation of the IMT files ?
   e.g. via an upload page in the tool, so having the tool fetch it from the IMT site directly.



Re: How to do offline IMT checks with One Collect 1.8?

You can use Interop Advisor only if you have uploaded the collected data to AutoSupport.

you can also upload the files manually in the Active IQ
If that is not an option, then perhaps you will have to manually run the IMT check for now.