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I want to perform activities parallel on multiple Netapp C-mode filers using powershell.


Have came across powershell workflow, which can run activities parallel on multiple host, so whether it can be used for Netapp. if so, can i have a simple script to login to multiple filers paralle and print volume count. 

Note:- Want to speedup the process of getting any activity done/reported in fast manner and dont like the script for login  one filer at a time and consume alot of time to finish (traditional way).





i had many scripts running in this format, i don't know if the S module perhaps smart enough to run it in parallel - but it was fairly fast on 8 nodes with 300 volumes across 2 sites.  it's worth checking on your end....


$clustersnames = 'cluser1','cluser2','cluser3','cluser4','cluser5','cluser6'
$ncclusters = Connect-NcController $clustersnames -Credential $creds $volumes = $ncclusters | Get-NcVol

if that dosen't actually work for you, you can use the powershell job function

$clustersnames = 'cluser1','cluser2','cluser3','cluser4','cluser5','cluser6'
$ncclusters =  Connect-NcController $clusternames -Credential $creds
$jobs = $ncclusters | % {Start-Job -ArgumentList $_ -ScriptBlock {$_ | Get-NcVol}}
$volumes = $jobs | Wait-Job | Receive-Job


as i don't have proper working simulator at home now i haven't checked it, against a filer - but it should work (use at your own risk).



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


Do you have any Unified Manager instance(s) collecting historical and performance data on these environments?


It may be faster to just query from that MySQL database rather than loop through each of the clusters with a powershell script.



@Ashok_MAK Can you please look into the responses provided by our experts?


If any of the above response helped you solve your query then please accept as solution, this will help others with the same quesry


Hi Ashok, Do you have WFA in your environment? Instead of running seperate script you can have a WFA setup which gather lof data on daily basis and you have everything at your end. It further help in automating your environment.





Hi Raj,

         Thanks for your suggestion. Yes we have WFA in our environment, but the point here is, i need to reduce script processing time and get the output in fast manner. since we have 100+ Clusters in our setup, where the script take huge time to do one by one filer, which needs to fetch details and check few conditions with that. So if there is any way in WFA for parallel processing, please do let me know.







How fast is your requirement? I do have a worflow which fetches Compliance report for 200+ systems and send a mail for each after done and i have scheduled this. To run this in parallel you can schedule it against each filer same time and you will get data for each around same time.


Let me know if you need help with this.





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