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LUN Max Resize

Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to remove\edit the 10x LUN max resize limitation ? 


Re: LUN Max Resize

No, it's not possible to remove this limitation.  You will need to create a new LUN and migrate the data.

Re: LUN Max Resize

Just providing a little bit more info:


Under normal conditions up to 10 times their original size in ONTAP versions prior to 9.5.


In ONTAP 9.5, the 10x resize limit was removed.
For cDOT 8.x and ONTAP 9 versions prior to 9.5, this capability (edit) is not present. Instead, a new volume and LUN should be created, and the data migrated to the new (appropriately sized) location.


You can force (edit) change the cylinder size by running the 'lun attribute set' command (Max:16T | Cylinder_size:271,434,240).

Wonderful KB: Please read it. (This information is available in this KB)

16TB limit for LUN, applies to both 7-mode & cDOT irrespective of their versions.



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