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[NetApp Harvest] API get different instances count


Hello,I have a questions regarding Harvest.

I experinced that NetApp cluster annswer different the number of instances(volume) in each case when Harvest send API requests to a NetApp cluster.
e.g. 1st try : 2919 instances

         2nd try : 3453 instances

I used <perf-object-get-instances> as API.
I would like to know why this API different the instances in each case.
Please tell me the root cause and solution ?

※debug logs
before service restart
[Tue Apr 23 18:40:01.010 2019] [2019-04-23 18:40:00] [DEBUG ] [volume] Starting new poll data batch [0 to 499 of 2919], batch size is [500]

after service restart
[Tue Apr 23 19:00:01.413 2019] [2019-04-23 19:00:00] [DEBUG ] [volume] Starting new poll data batch [0 to 499 of 3453], batch size is [500]




Hey Koza,


This looks quite strange! But I think the root should be not Harvest, but the ONTAP API. What I would do is check the number of volumes using the tool perf-counters-utility that comes to Harvest. Here's how you can do that (assuming that you're in the netapp-harvest directory):


./util/perf-counters-utility -host HOSTNAME -user USERNAME -pass PASSWORD -in -f volume | tail -n +2 | wc -l

The tool will give you a list of volume instances on your cluster and wc -l will give you the total count.


Hi @vachagan_gratian

Thank you for your cooperation.
I executed your sugettion.
As a result,utility got the following value.

1st try
[root@XXXX util]# ./perf-counters-utility -host XX.XXX.XX.XXX -user XXXX -pass XXXXXX -in -f volume | tail -n +2 | wc -l

2nd try
[root@XXXX util]# ./perf-counters-utility -host XX.XXX.XX.XXX -user XXXX -pass XXXXXX -in -f volume | tail -n +2 | wc -l

3rd try
[root@XXXX util]# ./perf-counters-utility -host XX.XXX.XX.XXX -user XXXX -pass XXXXXX -in -f volume | tail -n +2 | wc -l


Isn't is the case that only the instances that are in use (IOs happening on them) at a given point in time get reported?
I think I've seen similar behavior with AV scanning statistics.


Hi @koza 


Is Harvest directly talking to cluster? or it is talking to OCUM and fetching the data?


For performance counters, Harvest is talking to the cluster itself. For the capacity counters it talks to OCUM.


Harvest is directly talking to cluster.

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