Hello All,


I have a quick question. I'm not familiar with using Netgroups, as I have never had a need and none of my previoous customers ever used it. 


With NetApp NFS exports, if I create a new share and we already have a NIS server setup with a group, let's say it's called "groupa".  So I create an NFS export along with an export policy and within the export policy I add "@groupa", R/W.


Is that all that's needed to add a NFS epxort to a netgroup or do I still need to do something on my Linux machine to add the NFS export to the netgroup? 





Is this for 7-mode or cDOT?


Nope, this is for cluster mode ONTAP. I would hate to have to be doing this in 7-mode 🙂


On your SVM you will need to configure NIS, then modify the ns-switch for the netgroup database to use NIS as the source. Then you can use netgroups to your heart's content in export policy rules. I've gotta note that I haven't heard of anyone using NIS in a long time. It really "takes me back".


FYI - It's really no harder on 7-mode, just different.


Let us know if you have any issues using it. We use LDAP as our netgroup source, and it works quite well.


This same process will let me add a new share to an existing netgroup?


I already have NIS configured on the SVM, I just need to add a new NFS export I just created to a specific Netgroup is all.


You can apply a given netgroup or netgroups to as many export policy rules as you wish. Just make sure that the ns-switch is set to obtain netgroups information from NIS.


Ok, so I think I'm done then. 


I added the correct Netgroup already to the Export rule, which is what I was asking in my first post if that's all I needed to do. The SVM has already been connectd to the NIS server and working for many years already.


Do you maybe for reference have a link or 2 I can review later to make sure I have for future use?



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