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ONTAP 9.3 - TSM SnapDiff very slow

Hello Community,
we have been using IBM TSM / Spectrum Protect (currently 8.1.1) for a long time to back up CIFS shares via SnapDiff.
For this we use separate Windows servers, which mount the corresponding CIFS shares at runtime and back them up accordingly. This worked fine until now.
Since the servers were upgraded from WIN2008 to WIN2016, the SnapDiff backups take 5 times longer than before.

Does anyone know the problem and has a solution?

Thank you very much.
Best regards



Re: ONTAP 9.3 - TSM SnapDiff very slow

Based on the question, I think it might be related to the SMB version used, but I think it might be better to open a support case for it.

As the SMB version on Windows changed from 2.1 to 3.1.1, although this is supported by ONTAP 9.3, might have influence on the progress.



But like said, we need to check the logs for more information, and maybe get packet traces from source and destination side to see if all is healthy on protocol side.

Check out the KB!
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