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Ontap Slect 9.5 can't add kvm host on deploy utility web


i want to create a cluster on deploy utility web, i met a issue when i try to add hosts, it shows grey, it can't be selected by me.

you can see my screenshot. these has 2 hosts cant be selected even though i refresh.  i checked the os, it has lsscsi, lsblk, ovs-vsctl, qemu-kvm. 

anyone met this issue before? anyone knew what caused this issue ? how can i fix it ? thanks.

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- How are the hosts added ?

- Try to remove these hosts and re-add them and check them under "Hypervisor" page.

- If there is a management for Hosts on KVM (like vcenter) try to remove from there and re-add before re-add of hosts on deploy.

- Check if the host has same IP details as before when it was added.


From CLI if the host and its details can be seen.


(ONTAPdeploy) host show

(ONTAPdeploy) host storage pool show -host-name HOST_IP

(ONTAPdeploy) host network show -host-name HOST_IP

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