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Question about NTFS volume processing ID


Need your suggestions on the Multi protocol implementation effort. 


Currently client have hundreds of NTFS shares, We got requirement to provide access to single Linux host for all volumes part of auditing. 


Currently every NTFS volumes has their own  processing/system ID's. For granting access to Linux host, mapping Unix to windows .


Can we create One global processing/System ID,   Grant Processing ID access to all CIFS shares (associated with NTFS volumes)  ,  Map    Linux UID to Windows Global processing ID , So that  Linux Host can have access to all NTFS volumes instead of Mapping to individual processing IDs ( resulted in avoiding hundreds  of mappings) 


Please suggest best approach for granting access to all NTFS volumes ?

Is this process has any complications and access issues ?


It would be big effort. Really appreciate your response or assistance on this. 



You would need to map to a username that has access to all shares. Sometimes if you don't set permissions right a domain admin may not have access.


Also, what you're describing is exactly what file policy (fpolicy) does. We have native APIs which work with various vendors. Perhaps that may be a better way of doing what you're looking for?