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Remedy incident generation for NetApp alerts


Hi All,

We already have remedy incidents coming for all events except hardware failures. Now i am planning to configure for hardware and want to understand how the mechanisim works to configure incident generation for NetApp events?

I can see SNMP trap already configured on each NetApp cluster. Help me how i can configure and test it for generating incident




You want to generate a SNMP trap for a hardware issue basically? The only way I could think of is maybe pulling something like a spare drive, or MAYBE a power cable. There is risk of course doing a power cable, as you lose power redundancy.


If this isn't in production that would be a bit easier to test, but I cannot comment how it would generate internal tickets in your system.


if the SNMP monitoring is based on trap and not SNMP monitoring. You can simulate a trap with the command :

event generate -messagename <Message Name> -values <List of Values>

list of events messages can be listed using command like the following (can change the word disk to any other hardware)

event route show -snmp-support true -description *disk*
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