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SMB share with SSO via Azure AD




We're looking for a solution where we can mount a cloud based SMB share from our PC's. The PC's are not domain joined but authenticated against Azure AD. SSO (via Windows Hello) is a requirement. Do you support that?


Re: SMB share with SSO via Azure AD


As long as the SMB server presenting the share is joined to the Azure AD domain, then authentication and authorization using SSO credentials from that domain would be possible.

Re: SMB share with SSO via Azure AD


Hello Thomas,


Cloud Volumes ONTAP is service that is available in Azure that allows you to create shares that can be accessed not only over SMB/ CIFS, but also via the NFS protocol.


The preferred method for authentication of applications in Azure is through Azure Active Directory.

It is a cloud-based identity as a service offering from Azure that can be integrated with a wide variety of applications hosted in the cloud as well as in your corporate network.

Please read this blog:


On the other hand from Microsoft perspective login to Azure AD with SSO (Windows Hello) is supported.




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